Here at Oztex Services we find that the best results always come from proper planning. We are happy to be involved at any stage of your project, but the more information we have the better the system we can design for you.

how can we help how can we help

Our staff are always available to offer guidance/support to all of our clients.

Our highly experienced team are always happy to discuss a current/future project over the phone or face to face. From advising which of our systems would suit your project best, coming up with ideas for bespoke systems and then how to use them in an efficient and successful way, we can be there every step of the way.

Next we will move on to designing, manufacturing and testing all relevant parts of the solution, before coming back to you with our results for review. If you wish to hire us for a job we will then discuss details on shoots/locations. Otherwise we will find an appropriate time/location to meet, hand over the equipment and offer any training necessary.

We also have a far-reaching list of contacts in many different areas, which may be of use for your specific project.

Please call us or fill in the contact form for more information on what we have to offer.