Allan : Allan is the Company Director of Oztex Services and has over 25 years experience working with specialist cameras. He has worked worldwide in designing and installing camera systems suitable for documentaries, films, entertainment, sports, wildlife and children’s productions. Allan is also an expert in covert techniques and the training of undercover operators. 

About the Oztex Services Team

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Paul : Paul’s technical skill is second to none – he has logged more man hours out rigging with production teams than anyone else on staff here and his experience shines through. His quick ability to assess a situation and form a plan of action makes him a key member on any shoot.

Greg : Greg’s background is mostly IT related, but he has trained hard in his relatively few years at the company to prove his worth. His varied work-related background allows him to slip easily into any environment and work well in a variety of situations.

Richard : 50 years experience as an engineer makes Richard our go-to-guy when it comes to design. His methodical & logical approach to all projects he is part of help to ensure a high quality, well thought out and long lasting result.